In the world, Nepal is one of the most beautiful as well as imaginative dreamlands. It is well said as a country of great beauty and visual varieties with the attitude level of 70m above the sea level in the south and 8848m in height of Mt. Everest in North as it being home to the worlds highest mountains, historic cities and the forested plains where the lordly tigers and great one-horned rhinoceros trundle at ease. It is the richest country in terms of bio-diversity due to its unique geographical position and latitudinal variation.

Nepal is one of the most famous destinations for outdoor activities as well trekking, climbing, expedition, wildlife adventure and cultural tour. As that trekking in Nepal is one of the best outdoor activities. Trekking refers to gentle walk along Himalayan trails that has been appreciated by all as the most happening open-air activity. Trekking is hiking or walking from village to village through the hills and up into high Himalayan valleys is an experience not to be missed. The scenery varies from cultivated terraces to lunch rhododendron forests to glacier-capped peaks. Level of difficulty depends largely upon where, when and how one is trekking. With proper preparation before and having observed basic trekking rules, Nepal is regarded as a safe journey country to trek. Nepal provides a myriad of opportunities for trekking enthusiasts from easy to physically demanding Himalayan excursion. Trekking in Nepal is an experience of Nepal’s diversity in terms of ethnicity, religions, photography etc.

Basically, we have categorized into two types comprising of tented camping trek and teahouse trek. How to make a trek depends upon the routes chosen. Tented camping trek is suitable where there is not teahouse infrastructure and economical for large groups which costs comparatively high for the small team. Whereas, while trekking on the most popular routes connected with good teahouse network, lodge to lodge trek is recommended. The main emphasis should be placed on keeping oneself safe, warm and healthy while ensuring a momentous journey.

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