Land of variation, mixture of culture, varieties in religion and an amazing texture of climates makes India incredible and adventurous. Not just the religion, people, caste and community but the historical background and myths also are very popular side of India.

While taking about the history of India, the country has faced numerous changes in different period of time. From ancient period to the colonization of British and the fight for the independence to the walk of freedom, there are various rough phases of India which can also be witnessed in the walls, architecture, monuments and other forms while travelling to India.

Civilization in India is believed to be formed thousands of years ago. But the settlement of mankind started some 4000 years ago. Ancient civilization started building the cities and plant trees build streets and started the livelihood basically. Around 300 BC nomadic Aryans introduced Sanskrit language in the region of north India and started settling down there. They also are believed to have brought spoken literature languages and creator of caste discrimination system.

With all these activities going around, the old civilization started vanishing during 1500 BC with the arrival and evolution of Aryan tribes that brought changes in the life of Dravidian civilization. It is believed that the reason of end of the Dravidian civilization might be the disagreement between the two different tribes. Various kings, dynasty and regions were formed during this time. Even Buddhism received the royal patronage in India at that period. Aryan kingdoms influenced and the dynasties ruled most of the part of India, but south India was however not influenced by the Aryans.

Around 10th and 11th centuries Turks and Afghans entered across Indian subcontinent and established their reign. Establishment of Mughal Empire by Genghis Khan was during the 16th centuries started after travelling to Khyber Pass. Their reign lasted for nearly 200 years. For the period of 500 years Islam was widely spread all around the continent of India. During this period of time, amalgamations between the Hindus and Muslim community has left the long lasting impact on the society and the people.

Besides these major changes in India was started during Colonial Era, where India was ruled by the British East India Company. India was under the reign of British Raj for 90 years. East India Company entered India with trading business from Bengal during 1600’s. It started expanding the influence defeating Mughals, Bengalis and became the governor of Bengal. With the help of Political tempt, trade and military force they got victory over the Indian Sub-continent.

During the reign Burma, Bengal, Madras, Bombay, UP, Central Provinces, Punjab and Assam were the eight states divided by east India Company. British rule was one of the very autocratic and corrupted one. Establishment of Railways, telegraphs and telephones, trade improvement laws, rules and regulations of tax and water supplies were few good things that benefitted India later.

But all the men’s and women’s were treated as slaves and tortured by British. Culture and society morals were hampered. And they even took the Kohinoor (one of the largest diamonds of world) was taken by British company. Although the economic stability was formed but the motive was to benefit Britain. Later, the struggle for the independence was started by various leaders and freedom fighters to free from British Rule.

It was very difficult and took a very long time with numerous violence and wars. But the leader – Mahatma Gandhi, with his non-violent act towards British played the vital role in the struggle for Freedom of India. On August 15, 1947 India won the fight of independence and became a free nation. Not only India, Pakistan also got its independence on same day. Pakistan and India parted from one another after the independence.

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