Culture is the art of living of a group of people
– their behaviors, values, beliefs and idols of their deity that are transferred from one generation to another. Every community has its own way of living.

Likewise, in India languages, religion, dance forms, foods and architectures everything is influenced by the cultural aspect of the country. Which varies from one region to another. It is a mixture of numerous culture under a single roof – India. Every culture has been influenced by the history that are centuries old. Vedas and Religious aspect of the country is filled with the texture of different Religions. Hindu, Buddhist, Sikhs, Christian’s, Muslim’s are few examples of the religions followed in the country. Islam also played the vital role in nourishing the cultural aspect of the country during the medieval age. After Hinduism, Islam is followed by most of the people of India.

As per the census report of 2011,
80% of the population follows Hinduism,
Sikhism – 1.7%,
Christianity – 2.3%,
Islam – 14.2%,
Jainism- 0.4% and
Buddhism – 0.7%.

Cultural aspects can also be experienced in the forms of:

1.Family Structures
From the oldest member to the new born of the family, every individual lives under the same roof in India. Joint family system is in practice from decades in this country. Oldest male member is the representative of the family in Indian Family System. Who takes all the important decisions, makes rule and regulations. But currently, break – up of joint families are common in India. Nuclear families are mostly preferred by the people. Some part of the India still has tradition of Joint families.

2. Marriage
Arranged Marriages are followed traditionally from centuries all over the Indian society. Parents and other respected family-members plans the marriages for their children both boy and girl. Most girls are married before 18 years of age. While average age of marriage for women has been extended to 21 years recently. Traditionally, dowry system is in practiced in various sector of India. Bride’s family provide a dowry as a bride’s share of family wealth to the bridegroom on the day of marriage, which includes jewelries, household items that’s useable to her.
Statistics reports reflects that the divorce rate is very low in India. 1% – compared to U.S that has 40% divorce rates.
Recently, Love marriages are also slowly being practiced in the families with the concern of parents are family members.

Wedding rituals differs depending upon the religion and tribe. It is celebrated in both families of bride and groom as a festival with colors, decorations, music, dance and different costumes for different occasion.
While some key rituals of Hindu wedding are:
a. Kanyadaan (gifting away of daughter by father)
b. Panigrahana (drinking feet water ceremony of the bride by the family members)
c. Saptapadi(vows between the bride and groom holding hands in front of fire and taking seven steps around it)
Sikhs gets married through Anand Karaj Ceremony, Islamic wedding is followed by muslims that includes the ritual Nikah and Christian wedding is followed similar to that practiced in western countries.

3. Festivals
A country with multiple religions and culture celebrates various festivals all over the country. Difference in religion and tradition makes the country beautiful and elegant. But, days like Independence Day, Republic day and Gandhi jayanti is celebrated all over India as a festival by every individual in same manner and enthusiasm.
Loads of local festivals are celebrated depending upon the season, region and historical backgrounds.

Some of the famous festivals are:

  •  Krishna Janmasthami
  •  Diwali
  •  Navratri
  •  Maha Shivratri
  •  Durga Puja
  •  Holi
  •  Vasant Panchami
  •  Makar Sankranti
  •  Ganesh Chatirthi
  •  Dusshera
  •  Raksha Bandhan Etc.

New years of India has its own unique way of celebrating in different styles. Different communities celebrate it in different way as: Ugadi, Bihu, Gudhi Padwa, Puthandu, Pohela Boishakh, vishu and Vishuva Sankranti.

Islam being the second largest religion followed in India has festivals like:

  • Eid ul Fitr,
  • Eid ul Adha,
  • Milad un Nabi,
  • Muharram and
  • Shab-e-barat etc.

Besides that festivals like Christmas and Good Friday is also celebrated by many Christians of India.

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