All the transportation arrangements are made by the travel agents. But, there are also various means of transportation to explore Bhutan. It has many things to offer for their visitors. But as the roads are quite narrow about 3.5 m wide, it’s better to hire taxis if you are travelling on your own. Self-driving will be very risky at such roads.  Some details of the transportation medium are:  


Cities like paro, thimphu and phuentsholing has the facility of taxi. Rates are depended open the distance travelled but negotiable. Meters attached on the vehicle are never used by the drivers. Basically, Flat rates are applicable for long distance travels.

Meanwhile, one must be careful about the place that we are travelling to. As, taxis having Number plates BT-1 are from Thmpu and Paro whereas Phuestsholing taxis carries the number plates of BT-2

Some general rates can be:

  • Local trip to thimphu : Nu 60
  • Full day trip : Nu 800
  • Thimphu to phuentsholing : Nu 2600


Other means to travel Bhutan is through the domestic flights of Bhutan. You can get the details of Flight Schedule along with the destinations from your travel agents. Domestic flights has been highly emphasized by the government of Bhutan for the development of the nation.


Bus is another means to travel Bhutan. Public Bus services are throughout the cities. Buses runs from thimphu to paro, Punakha, phuentsholing daily. Besides, for long distance buses routes are scheduled one – three times weekly.

But, It’s quite uncomfortable to travel and explore Bhutan through bus due to the road structures. Passengers also suffer from Motion sickness.  There are comfortable private vehicles but fare are 50 % higher than public transportations.

Adventure with mountain bikes will enhance the journey. It will help you experience the nature at its best. Bicycles can also be the best way of transportation to visit Bhutan.

Getting In Bhutan

Bhutan was a reserved country away from other nations and interference. But recently, this nation has been growing visitors and letting people explore the beauty and richness of cultural diversity. Until 1960’s there were two entry passes to the nation North and the South. The only way to enter was by foot which was very difficult. Frozen passes on the north while the dense forest on the south had always been a huge obstacle for the traveler’s.

Nowadays, due to the careful planning and economic development access to the nation has been far easier and accessible. And there are two ways to get in Bhutan:

By Air

Travelling Bhutan by air, is the most exciting and spectacular experience. You can enjoy the scenic beauty of the Himalayas during the flight. Bhutan airlines and druk air are the two carriers to Bhutan at present. Flights to Bhutan are from Kathmandu, Dhaka, Guwahati, Mumbai, Singapore, Delhi, Bangkok, kolkata, Bodh gaya and Bagdogra.
Paro International airport is one of the biggest airport of Bhutan. It is situated at the height of 2235m from sea level, surrounded by the snowcapped mountains. There are other three domestic airports at Gelephu, Yonphula and Bumthang besides Paro airport.

By Land

Border of Bhutan that are open for the tourists travelling through roads are: Phuentsholing, Gelephu and Samdrup Jongkhar.

Phuentsholing – 170km east from Indian national airport of bagdogra is the south – east part of Bhutan. Trravelling from this city to Thimphu takes nearly 6 hours.

Another entry point is Gelephu, which is South- central part of Bhutan. Distance from Thimphu is about – 250 kms with approximate time to travel is 10 hours. One will have to travel across 3 districts, sub-tropical areas before entering thimphu.

Finally, the last entry point of Bhutan is Samdrup Jongkhar in the South – east of Bhutan. That is 150 km away from Guwahati, Capital of Assam (India).Travelers from this part of Bhutan will have to travel 3 hrs from Guwahati and travel through the cities of Bhutan like: Monggar, Bumthang, Trongsa,Wangdue Phodrang and At last Thimphu. Travelling from this part of Bhutan will take 3 days to reach the capital – Thimphu.

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