Bhutan can be divided into three different climatic zones.

  • The southern part – Where we can experiences tropical climate
  • Central Bhutan – has a temperate climate.
  • And the northern Bhutan has alpine climate.

South Bhutan is quite warmer than other parts of the country. Likewise, Bhutan also has four distinctive seasons.

  1. The winters are harsh and severe; particularly in the north. But it is the best season to experience and enjoy the elegance of the snowcapped Himalayas.
  2. Spring is the most beautiful season, the whole country looks overwhelming with all those beautiful flowers that bloom during this season. Which brings glow to the entire atmosphere.
  3. Whereas, summer is hot in central Bhutan, but cool on the northern part.

 As, During June to September because of the rain and the winds which blows from Bay of Bengal, country has severe atmosphere of monsoon. Best time to visit Bhutan is between March and May and again between September and November. This is the best time to encounter and experience the natural beauty of the country.

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