Bhutan, also known as – ‘The last Shangri-La’, is a very beautiful landlocked country at the eastern end of the Himalayas in South Asia. China is on its North, while South, East and West border of Bhutan is surrounded by India. Because of the government’s policies for controlled tourism and foreign influence, it has been always regarded as one of the isolated nations.  

Bhutan has an incredible combination of nature and culture. Buddhism is followed by the people of Bhutan.

Even though being one of the smallest countries in the world, Bhutan has been blessed with the stunning beauty of Himalayas, flora, and fauna. Architectures of the buildings and houses of Bhutan also are very charismatic and attractive.

Thimphu is the capital of Bhutan which is also the largest city.

Bhutan as a whole is a very pleasant surprise and the wonderful package of adventure.

Other Facts:

  • Bhutan is a democratic country with constitutional monarchy which was founded in 1907. In 2008, the first democratic election was held in Bhutan.
  • Botana – the end of Tibet or Bhu-attan which means highlands was the origin of the name Bhutan. Which, might have been derived from Sanskrit.
  • Official Language – Dzongka.
  • Currency – Ngultrum or Nu.
  • Dress called – Driglam Namzha is followed by people of the country. This effort was done so as to preserve the culture of the country. Dress for men is called – gho and for women is called – kira.
  • This is the only country in the world with no traffic lights.
  • 95% of the population is totally depended on agriculture.
  • “The land of Thunder Dragons “- Druk yul was named by Bhutanese for their home. That was formed because of the very extreme storms which constantly struck from the Himalayas.
  • Plastic bags were banned by the government of Bhutan since 1999.
  • National animal of Bhutan is “takin,” a goat-antelope.

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