3 Best Destinations for Honeymoon in Nepal

destinations for honeymoon in nepal
Paradise is always where love dwells. In that case, what better place to embark your marital journey from other than this beautiful Himalayan country? Nepal serves as the perfect host to commemorate your fairytale wedding by offering unmatched honeymoon destinations to create memories for lifetime. With its wide mountain ranges, deep valleys, narrow walkaways, and serene lakes, Nepal is peaceful, mysterious and spiritual at the same time. Here, we have listed down top three most popular and frequented honeymoon destinations in Nepal:
Pokhara, the city of lakes, is not only the number one tourist destination in Nepal but also an epitome of honeymoon paradise for newlyweds. It is undoubtedly one of the most exciting honeymoon destinations, with its picture-perfect sceneries. From romantic boat rides in the peaceful lakes to a beautiful sunset and sunrise view on mountains, from roaming the ever-awake city streets to indulging in romantic dinners in finest eateries, Pokhara is a complete honeymoon package — all within a small valley. If you want to further amp up your honeymoon with an adventurous twist, the city also offers adrenaline-pumping adventure sports activities like paragliding, zip-flying, and water canoeing among others. Dotted with luxury hotels, eateries, and recreation centers, the city offers the best of both worlds-natural beauty and happening city life. 
Just two hours drive from Kathmandu, Nagarkot is yet another top honeymoon destination in Nepal because of its impeccable vicinity and ambiance. Especially due to its close proximity with the capital city, it is suitable for those who cannot commit considerable length of days but want to de-stress from the hectic wedding celebrations and start on a refreshing conjugal journey. Among others, Nagarkot is famous for its incredible views of mountain range extending from east to west. What better way to spend your mornings and evenings other than watching the sun paint the mountains tangerine with your loved one? On top of that, Nagarkot offers the right balance between tranquility, remoteness, and serenity with its fresh air and greenery to detach from the hustles of city life and rejoice in nature’s lap. Like Pokhara, Nagarkot also boasts of top-class hotels and resorts that allow you to experience natural wilderness and luxuries at the same time. 
Move over mountains and hills. Another highly gratifying yet underrated Nepalese honeymoon destination is nestled in the dense jungles of Terai. Riding on an elephant’s back through the silent jungle and witnessing the rich wildlife in their natural habitats in the largest Nepalese national is indeed an enriching experience. Just an hour’s flight away from Kathmandu, stepping into Bardiya will transport you into a magical land of lush forests and gentle rivers to spend some quality time with your beloved. Indulge in unique and rich activities like butterfly watching, birdwatching, jungle safari, and water canoeing to further elevate your honeymoon experiences. You can also enjoy the showcase of a culture of indigenous Tharu people. Like previous two destinations, Bardiya also is equipped with top quality hotels and resorts to make your honeymoon stay a truly cherish-able one

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